Zac Frackelton

From childhood, I have always been mesmerised by mother nature’s landscape, from making dens in the woods as a kid to teenage summers wandering in forests to looking out to sea and reflecting on life. Whether it be physically being amongst nature or wondering at the mass of the view in front of me, I have always felt equally at home and in many ways lost.

My landscapes and seascapes are my time away from the noise of the modern world. A time for being alone with the elements, a time for resetting my senses and a time to be calm.

I wake in darkness and walk to my locations, I frame my pictures by moonlight and my long exposures are taken during dawn. It’s at this time that light truly comes alive - there’s something magical that happens in the twilight before sunrise, depending on where I am in the world, the scattering of indirect sunlight could be climbing over mountains, dancing through forests or reflecting off the ocean, and it’s this diffused light that witnesses my photographs - unique in every way.