Zac-Frackelton Photographer


My true love in life is people. When I photograph people my sole purpose is to capture the spirit of the person in front of me – I want to see the light inside.

My ‘personal work’ sees me photographing seascapes (and sometimes landscapes) at sunrise. Capturing daybreak, knowing that the scene in front of me will never be the same, is very humbling.

With over 15 years experience, my main body of work is portraiture, photographed for international brands and clients, magazines and newspapers, as well as private commissions.

Clients: Daniela Karnuts/Safiyaa, George Northwood, Inacio Ribeiro, InStyle, Joe Casely-Hatford, Lucy Choi, Marfa Stance, Mary Benson, Manolo Blahnik, Men’s Health, Mouki Mou, Rainbow Wave, Saks, Stephen Jones, Stylist, The Daily Telegraph, The Times and Vogue.

“Sophisticated equipment frees all of us from the tyranny of technique and enables us to turn to what photography is all about – creating a picture.

One is not really a photographer until preoccupation with learning has been outgrown and the camera in his hands is an extension of himself.”

Carl Mydans