The Freaks Come Out, Halloween 2013

Tiny Worlds…

Mini Pumpkin on Table

Tangled Pathways, Hammersmith, London

Follow Me…

Arundel Great Court 1966-75, The Strand, London

How Many Have Been Over You, Tower Bridge

Timeless Walk, Tower of London

They All Point To The Sky, Aldgate, London

Follow Me…

Colours In The Rain, Hammersmith, London

Liquid Gold, Hammersmith, London

Play with Me, Fulham, London

If I Had Wings I Would Fly, Hammersmith, London

The View From My Window… London

Childhood Memories…

Green To Yellow, Ravenscourt Park, London

All The Ducks Are Swimming In The Water…

Sou Fujimoto, Serpentine Gallery, London

Show Me The Way To Go, Brompton Cemetery, London

Blue Becomes Yellow, Hammersmith, London